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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousSack View Post
    Then I wish you a good inspiration while playing around with ideas! Have a fine day and many greetings, Jürgen^^
    Jumping back and forth between keep working on it or not. I would like to work on it but my time working the game isn't as fast as I would like right now. What I really need is some more people on board to help often as they can. I think the Shieka Dungeon would be a good idea at the end of the game though as a endgame dungeon. But as right now there isn't enough enemies, & time to work on it now.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Zelda has 3 way walking animations now. Its added to the title screen level+area emitters.
    Book now displays text after you pick it up.
    Links house house has been made into 2 rooms and has been changed.
    New NPC sprite created. (Still needs text trigger logic etc.)
    Majora's Mask Painting created.
    Old Return logic removed from Links house.
    Added in new zone area spawn logic in the field area for the zone changes and extra room.

    Extra Sprite created. (Will show it off later once the logic is done.)

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    Do you still use emitters for the animations?

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    All npcs have audio triggers when you talk to them.
    Added more zone lines in.
    Fixed text & missing sound trigger bugs with the milk bottle & Book.
    Added and worked on logic for Sign posts. You can cut the sign post in two and display text if you read them.
    Some Npc text has been added and changed.
    Some object placement has been changed.
    New area is being worked on and cave zone has been moved.
    Locations have been given names.
    Gameover no longer triggers the house music since the gameover location is in a outside location.
    Sheika Stone was made larger and logic has been added to stop the beam and change the color of the stone when owning the pendant after finishing the first dungeon. (only for the field area)
    Few closer collision tweaks were done behind zones.

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    Sounds good

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    More zone lines added to older zones.
    More work done on new zone. Pretty much near done.
    New Sprite hole designed.
    Started to make another cave zone and will be adjusting how you enter the cave room just before the you obtain the boomerang.
    Replaced one of the post signs I missed to replace.
    Sheika Stone/Triforce beam logic has been worked on so it displays the pendent and turns off the beam in the location where you start.
    Some zoning logic setup has been done but its still uncomplete.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    All zoning logic is in working order.
    Last of the zone lines were added.
    Mushroom text bug fixed & audio added.
    Design bug fixed x2 with new zone added.
    Audio added for finding hidden hole.
    Horse sprite made.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Is there anything you guys think I should add/work on in chapter 1 2.0?

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    Did alot of work today on the game.

    New field music added.
    Field music sped up/History trigger. (Field Music changes after you beat the first dungeon.)
    Guard enemy added to the field area. It can destroy bushes on his own.
    Village Music changed.
    Bottom field area is now split in 2 now.
    New music added to Intro.
    Text added to Zelda.
    Horse sound effects added to Intro zone.
    Horse sound effect player trigger added.
    Horse sprites added to intro zone.
    New field zone music added to Intro.
    Link has Text box triggers.
    Zelda & Link were given text box audio sound effects.
    Zelda & Link were both given walking sound effects for the intro characters.
    Quite a large number of audio bugs were fixed.
    A few layer bugs were fixed.
    Some redesign of the bottom field zone.
    New water sprite animation created+logic.
    Custom Fairys were created to fly around the pools of water.
    Cave zone added in.
    enemy placement were changed/added with zone split.

    Some new horse sprites were made. Planning to use them later.

    Few unfinished things still need to be addressed and some new bugs were found with the stuff i added.

    My PC is broken for good. I will be unable to keep up postings as much as I did before.
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    I know that you will say that the original game was like this but when it comes to gameplay elements, I would recommend using a cooldown at the attack mode. I don't want to be able to walk around and spam a button and win every fight in a matter of 3 seconds. A cooldown would be good.

    I don't know if you fixed it, but I don't like it, that the enemies on field are despawning in a fight. It's simple tag sensor logic to make enemies spawn and despawn, when you are away from them.

    I appreciate your work on the Zelda remakes. I enjoyed playing it.

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    Well my profile got corrupted again.
    Was able to recover the data from the 28/5/2017.

    More or less trying to find what data I lost right now.
    Not sure yet but it seems I lost whatever I worked on all day today and yesterday.

    All this was lost but either way, I will post it.

    Green Guard bug fixed for good. (Had to redo logic.)
    Top field zone split into 2 zones now. More enemies added and redesigned a lot of the top right of it.
    Redesigned bottom right field zone a bit and added an entrance to the Sheika Dungeon.
    Redid the boss fight for the dungeon and moved the rewards in a different spawn location within the room.
    Since the areas were split I had to add in zone pathways and zone emitters and move around a bunch of the current zone logic.

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    I'm sorry for you and I hope that you can reconstruct the lost data! After all your efforts and all those experiences with building your "Sight of Shadows", the development of any electronic game will be child's play to you!
    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    I am sorry to hear that. Lost progress in LBP is always sad. I hope you can get into creating again. Good luck!

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    So after about 12 hours of getting back to where it was. Only thing kinda missing is the boss fight adjustments and some minor bugs I missed and i didn't get a chance to update any of the few dungeon rooms I fixed and saved up. Some new UI designs were lost but it wouldn't take long to add it back in.

    I did a bunch of extra stuff though like adding in a attack cooldown that Mdkd99 wanted. Not much of a cooldown but you can't spam it as much anymore. Also I did a bunch of work adjusting some logic around and got rid of most of bugs where the animations don't turn off while you drop down a hole.

    Also added in stepping on water sound effect with the walking logic.
    Link Ver 23.2

    Since I lost a bunch of stuff I ended up redoing it and the water sprites came out better.

    Started to work on some new enemies, they aren't done yet.

    I have until like the 15th toget the update out. So i'm trying to finish or include or redo somethings before that date. Cus I will be off of lbp for at least a week plus.

    I still need that boss fanfare win music for defeating the boss. I need someone to create it. Just look for any Zelda link to the past boss and make the music that triggers after defeating the boss.
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    For some reason my stuff isn't being saved. I lost everything that I worked on yesterday. There is a good chance the game is going to be delayed with all these game issues happening to me. I worked on redoing the dungeon boss and the new plant enemy was fully done and added in the game but all of that didn't get saved even though I had it captured. Its like all the new data didnt get added to my profile.

    Gotta rebuild halve of the logic for that again.
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    The bad LBP ghosts are around! Be careful and good luck.

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    Link ver 2.32->2.39

    Swimming feature is being worked on more so. It's somewhat 50% or more done. Just added a bunch of swimming audio in and animation gating and animation inbetween swimming and walking hit box and movwment speed adjustment swapping while in the water.
    Not everything has been tested yet item wise. So example not being able to use the bow, boomerang etc in the water.

    Also no save data is required for the Lantern. So some logic was changed so it wouldn't need saving. You will have it right from the get go.

    Stuff that wasn't saved is saved.

    Something new is being worked on that I will either keep it a secret or show off when its all done.

    Some new title screen/Update page has been given quite a bit of more work.


    Most of the stuff is done but there's issues with that large heart piece being added twice for some reason.

    I plan to add in some more stuff in the game before the chapter 1.5 update is released.

    There might be another update to chapter 1 to fix any issues people have with it. That might be weeks until that happens though.
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    Trying to publish chapter 1, ver 1.5.
    (Has lots of changes and stuff added to it from whats currently on my earth.)

    LBP giving me issues publishing it right now.

    There is a chance that stuff will not be saved correctly tho. I will try to do another pass on it.
    There is still a issue where the boss will add 2 full hearts instead of 1. Not much I can do to fix that it seems. Sometimes it adds 1 sometimes it adds 2. Also Silver gaunlets might not be reupdated/saved correctly.

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    okay the new update is out with lots of changes.

    There is issues still but I fixed all major issues that halted progress.

    Known issues:

    Quest items aren't being updated/saved correctly.
    2nd Field music isn't playing once switching back to a field zone.
    Mini game seems to bug the adding money if the player moves while its loading in rewards/decreasing money.
    Boss trophy isn't being saved reupdated/saved correctly.
    Boss heart is adding 2 full hearts instead of 1.

    New logic added in to handle some of these issues.

    So if you obtain a item in the game further up ahead it will reobtain older items in the game.

    You would get the silver gloves then the bow. If you have the bow saved correctly it will reload that you have the silver gloves.

    This will take awhile to make sure this is applied to a bunch of items.

    As of right now:

    Bow-> Silver gloves
    Boomerang/Book -> Boss trophy

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    Good news!

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