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    Default 2016 Reviews anyone?

    Message me on PSN for a review! Or just let me know the name of the level (please provide level link via I'll be as detailed as the level is, the more time I spend in it, the more I will write about it. Preferably, any new or under-played levels would be much appreciated to review.

    DISCLAIMER: I will say that I am critical when it comes to LBP3 platformers, because LBP1 has been made in 2008, there has been years of time for players to develop their platforming skills in various ways. Some platforming mechanics should almost be staple, like the crusher, the wobbly poles, the swings, etc. But say if you show me a LBP3 platformer level, I expect LBP3 powerups to enrich the platforming experience... and pretty much everything else LBP3. If you feel overwhelmed by LBP3 and have the older games, don't be afraid to downsize your production tools to be more cross compatible, and make levels faster. Thousands of people still play lbp1 and 2, don't forget them.

    Also i've decided to not review any levels you are showcasing. Don't be greedy.

    This is why i'm doing reviews for you guys, maybe it will make you a better level developer, a more serious one.
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