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    Default Opening and closing shortcuts between laps (LBPK)

    Greetings All

    I have this 3 lap race but during the last lap, there is this extra bit of track that goes around and loops with JetPacks and fast forwards ect. as I thought it would be a nice touch to have at the end of a race to shift the balance a bit.

    What I have done is put a high large wooden fence and attached it to a hinge motor. This is attached to a Player Sensor which is only valid the on the third lap. The gate swings open, but there are a few issues that come along with this.

    AI try to take the path:

    This gate does not stop NPC's from trying to go through. They repeatedly ram the gate trying to get past.

    You can respawn on the other side:

    If anything happens to you near this area, and you are close enough, it is possible for you to respawn on the other side. Also, by going next to it and holding the "Select" button you can easily respawn on the other side.

    Fast Fowards & Boxing gloves

    If you are lucky and happen to pick a fast forward, you can be put on this part of the track. As for the Boxing glove, When using it, you will be steered into it being rammed into it, which actually sometimes results in you dying, and being spawned on the other side. Could I potentially get the boxing glove & the fast forward to ignore this part of the track?

    If anyone has any insight or solutions, please help! Even the tiniest suggestion could help anyone.

    Thanks in advance.
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    I did this tutorial earlier

    You can prevent AI from Craching into the object that attempts to prevet player from taking road 2 by using this , set to obstacle, with rigid connexion.
    If it's still don't work, you can force the Ai's Respawn
    Check this out, Demo: respawn location from Rogar (copyable level)
    Hope this will help.
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    Thanks! That solved every single problem I had. To make it even more inaccessible, I used a force field and put a pathfinder around the force field, so there was no problem anymore.

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