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    Default Bobbio_ Made his tracks copyable

    hey guys my name is krunchymoist, but my original account is bobbio and I made my levels copyable so download away peeps

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    Thanks a lot for the info, have a fine weekend and many greetings, Jürgen^^

  3. Thanks!

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    Hello Bobbio.
    I enjoyed your levels very much.
    Are you back on lbpkarting?

  5. Thanks!

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    Yeah I am back, i think it is cool we can still play peoples tracks and download, just not play together which is fine, I am back on the game, and I feel more inspired to create again, this time mkaing my own Ideas and no longer using the LPB franchise character maybe a little. I just wann a be original lol

    It sucks to see the game die slowly, I truly felt the just did a bad job of representing, and when I was able to help assist with the choices of the team picks later on the I thought that was going to help bring back people, but some decisions werent honored, aside from that. I will be back on here posting levels again Im almost finished with one im currently working on, I currently trying to push the creativty,

    Additionally I was tweaking with the controlls and custum camera and I found a way to make the game achieve a better sense of speed by adjusting the camera gave to karts more weight Ill make its downloadable so you guys can see for yourself
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