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    Default What can MM do to expand the lifespan of Dreams?

    You know how LBP games usually lasted about 2-3 years before slowly declining/dying off? Are there any ways for Dreams to have high replay value and keep people into it for many years? My idea is that Dreams should also be playable on PC with Steam, along with it's PS4 release. A lot of PC players would love to experience the "Play, Create, and Share" genre. But what do you guys think? Can Dreams last longer than the LBP games?

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    My vote was to put it on PC soon as I read the topic title. PC games last much longer if the game was a popular title at any point. And obviously if creators can sell their big projects Dreams will last longer because people will play the game for more then just a fading hobby if that happens.

    Next, I'm sure Dreams will have some kind of story-mode that'll showcase what users can create. But DLC storymodes will be important if they include them. Not so much for new tools... but more so to give players some high quality professional projects to enjoy. Just imagine something like a small Sonic game adventure as DLC! It'd be great fun. Sure users could already make such things themselves in Dreams... but very few fans will go to the trouble of cooking up a whole pro-quality small adventure instead of single level experiments. Because honestly most hobby creators won't put THAT much effort to create big adventures for others to enjoy... some will maybe sure, but most won't.
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    Sell licenced professional quality asset packs.

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    Hahahaha, that sounds funny. I do. Every detail is important. And about money, it's cool to earn money for making games and sth. but if it is all about the money I wouldn't start playing Dreams. Of course you have fun while creating too, didn't want to say that you want to earn money and period.

    I wouldn't buy assets. I know them from Unity. I am a guy who makes everything by hisself, when it comes to logic and sth.

    To keep it alive: Publish DLC, updates, do sth with the community, give good creators awards and money rewards. That's good.
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