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    Default Cybernetic Force Volume 3: Revenge of the Virus Queen

    Well, everybody. I did it again! I completed my fifth and final LBP multi-level series. It took me a year and a half to finish the whole series, but it was worth it. Anyways, explore through sectors Zeta and Sigma, then take on the virus queen in this epic final installment of the series featuring five cinematic cut scenes, four platforming levels, four boss levels, and a shop level. In Zeta Part 1, sneak through the sky pirates as a sackboy then fly inside the golden tower as swoop. In Zeta Part 2, fly the Phoenix Fighter in a shooter level. In Zeta Boss, battle the infected pirate ship with the Phoenix Fighter. In Sigma Part 1, find the bit keys in four mini levels, and each one has a creature type for you to play as (sackboy, oddsock, toggle, and swoop). Sigma Part 2 is the most challenging platforming level of the series, but there's so much variety of gameplay to enjoy and challenging yourself. In Sigma Boss, you're in for a showdown against Glitch in a button-mashing boss fight that requires you to use the buttons and left stick directions in right order (this level has the most complex logic tools I have ever used). In Omega Part 1, fight the virus queen as a sackboy, toggle, oddsock, and swoop in a four phase epic boss fight. And Omega Part 3 is the battle to end all battles as you'll be in for the grand finale of the series. There's also collectable bells to find in Volume 3, and for the first time in the series half of the collectable bells can only be obtained by reaching certain score points in Zeta Part 2, Omega Part 1, and Omega Part 3. Well, that will be all for the series, but my next LBP3 level will be a music gallery level that includes all of the custom music I made in the "Cybernetic Force" series. Hope you give the level a go .

    Zeta Intro: Sky Pirates Ahoy!

    Zeta Part 1: Sky Pirate Island

    Zeta Part 2: Phoenix Fighter Flight

    Zeta Boss: Infected Zephyr Shark

    Sigma Intro: Team Hardware, Unite!

    Sigma Part 1: The Great Portal

    Sigma Part 2: Underworld Network

    Sigma Boss: Glitch

    Omega Intro: Origins of the Viruses (Note: There was supposed the be a black screen on the bottom)

    Omega Part 1: Queen Malicious

    Omega Part 2: The True Power of Infinity

    Omega Part 3: The Final Battle

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    dang man, that looks incredible!

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