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    Heyos! Got another set hot and ready to go here.

    This week we're taking a look at:

    Zikkurat - Undomiel_
    Doors: A Tribute "2" - Sackboy_power754
    Project Ninja 風来の剣 2 - Esuki
    Cheetah's Revenge - Mr_Scheissbatzn
    The Darkness - ryomodono

    This whole group was really fun, and the Yellow Squares could've been Green Circles without too much work. Even the Orange Diamond only got there for a lack of ambition. They're all definitely worth a go through.

    As always thanks for all the support, i'm glad you're all finding some enjoyment out of these. Looks like we've got a month to go. Y'all have a great day, yeah?

    Behind the Curtains Stuffs

    Got the secondary recordings for episode 049 done yesterday, i'll probably play through them again in a minute to have them fresh so i can do the outro. Yesterday got kind of busy (and shockingly not because of the Switch), it didn't help that there was something weird bugging out in the hub that took something like forever to unkink (there was an extra space in one of the tags or something). Anyhow, it ought to be wrapped today.

    Season one is drawing to a close. Just wanted to drop a reminder of the other thread. i know some of you have posted over there already, but if you haven't, and you've got some particular questions or suggestions you'd like me to hear, toss them up over there. All of the suggestions i've gotten so far have had a real positive effect on how the show's turned out.

  2. Thanks!

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