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    Alrighty then, Tuesday Takeaway time!

    Acid Trip - Godman250

    Yeah, this one got yoinked as a Level of the Day, but that's gonna happen sometimes. i don't know that i'd rate it quite so highly, for one it really oversells itself on the level select page, and that's always a bit of a letdown. Not having that spinny bit on some kind of timer can also make things a lil difficult. Still, it's beautifully presented and (in the main) competently put together.

    underwater platformer 2 - thornell5601

    Not too much to say here except, we've all made this level, or something similar to it. i imagine thornell5601 had fun making it, and was proud to put it out, and at the end of the day, that's really the important thing. It's hard to give advice with something like this without stripping it apart completely, but i would say one thing that could be changed would be to have a Scuba powerup pedestal where ever there's a checkpoint. If you die, you lose the powerup, and there's no way to get it back. Maybe also closing off the start, so the player can't skip almost all the way to the end.

    A day at the lab - TraceAlister

    Nothing much changed here. Still love the atmosphere, still begrudge the lack of communication. i kind of know how i beat it, but i couldn't replicate it each time, so i'm probably missing something.

    Notebook Nonsense - Pathos007

    i'm a little disappointed that it looks like Pathos has dropped off the creating map. They did a solid job putting together the level here, and manage to avoid a fair number of early creator mistakes. They've got another level, don't remember if i mentioned that in the outro; it's a pretty solid mountain climbing racer, with a pretty pants boss at the end. Still, it was fun enough to play.

    Cardboard Pillars - himoks69

    i was really expecting something a lot more stripped down than what we got, so it was a pleasant surprise to see the effort put into presenting the environment, as well as put into gameplay (though if i could only have one, i'd go for gameplay, i guess). This is definitely a fun one, though you've really got to adjust your pace to it. Also, SNAAAAAAAAKE!!!

    So, not too much shift in feelings this time about. i kind of like it when that happens, makes me feel a little more solid in my judgement.

    Behind the curtain stuff: Holy crap, the set for the 28th has been such a pain in the kiester to put together. Really, it's my own fault, i decided to toss something in that (i think) is cool, but is also (completely) unnecessary, and has been a bear to get working even kind of right. So, as a balance to last week, i'm behind on everything. i might be able to get the intro recorded today, and, if i'm really lucky, there's a slim possibility of an episode of LBsP coming out as well. Have to say, i'm really glad i bought myself this week buffer.

    As always, thanks for all the support, and have a great day!
    Almost back, so excited.

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    Hi waffleking23,

    what would the community do without your recommendations and reviews? ...unimaginable! So thank you so much once again for all the devoted efforts, you're an invaluable enrichement for the whole lbp community!

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    Hah! Thanks a lot Jurgen, it means a lot. i imagine folks would continue on as they have, but if i can help, then that makes me happy.

    Ossu and good morning! Got a new episode coming up over here!

    This week we're having a look at:

    Cascade - ultramarine13
    Prismatic Whereabouts - monkeybebe
    Wonderful Canyon - rud-54
    Fast & Frustrated 2 - Muskwa_1
    Colorful World - adan127

    Once again we got tagged with Level of the Day-itude on Colorful World. Get out of my head Sumo! Still, a fun set of levels, and a relatively painless episode to put together. Give 'em a play when you've got the time.

    Behind the Curtain stuff: :Got episode 36 wrapped up yesterday, which is good. i mean, the buffer gives me some safety in case a rod gets thrown or something, but it's nice to not need to worry about it. On the other hand, seeing a level get picked up for LotD, or get featured on lsrs, and know that my own episode won't be out for another week or so...well, the heck with it, no reason to complain, really.
    Quite happy with how the set turned out, there were a lot of moving parts to wrangle, but it was fun. Now, i went and kind of buggered it up adding stuff to it for episode 36, which is another reason i'm happy it's over and done. i think i do still have a clean version of the set at least, if i need it again for something else.
    Really need to get a touch quicker with LBsP. i keep running into levels that look like they'd fit the bill faster than i can actually make episodes, so my possibles list is overflowing now. Again, of all the problems i could have, this is probably one of the best to need to deal with.

    As always, thanks to all of you for all the support! It's a bit hard to credit that we're almost at the 9month mark, and that's all up to y'all. Have yourselves a great day!
    Almost back, so excited.

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