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    Beep beep boop, the Tuesday Takeaway.

    Toggle Temple - RamBoo20

    There was no temple here. This seems to come up fairly often. Maybe this is the universe's revenge for my own unusual naming conventions. Not to much to say about this one that hasn't been already, it's a decent Toggle Level. Of course, this makes it a bit of a rarity, which probably makes it look nicer than it really is.

    Bottom of the Beast - doomymood

    i think KG nailed one of the appealing points of this one, it is very Story-mode-esque. i'm not going to say one style of level is necessarily better than another. i like levels that try something different, or present something completely unlike LBP; but still what originally attracted me to LBP was the image and feel of story mode, and i still really appreciate levels that can pull that off, not only in presentation, but feeling as well. "Bottom..." does this really well. Also, my brain keeps insisting i call this "Belly of the Beast." i know why it's doing this, but it's still annoying.

    Chronometer - physicslike

    This one was the real disappointment of the episode. i really, really wanted to like it much more. It just pounds on my clockwork fetish. But i could not find the seam to engage with the stage. The 3d movement was probably as smooth as could be pulled off, but that's not particularly smooth. i agree that the background is a little more flat than i could be as well, but the not being able to progress is the real stickler.

    A Tomb With A View - SLS10

    The title is clever. In fact, the whole stage is filled with cleverness. How well you react to that will depend on your sense of humour. To be honest, i felt it kind of wore out its welcome a bit by the end, but the puzzle aspect kept me engaged. Of course then came the grappling hook, what was up with that?

    Specify Gravity - actio1_618

    i think i said everything i needed about this one in the episode. This is just a straight, fun level. Quite challenging, great fully-integrated mechanic. i actually want to go back and try to up my score, and i almost never feel like that.

    So...the takeaway is a bit sparse this time around, but i think we got most everything covered in episode. All in all fun, worthwhile, or worthwhile and fun. They definitely deserve a good look.

    This week's episode is in the can and loaded up, Whew...think this might make four months worth. Still having trouble wrapping my head around that. Thanks a lot everyone! i couldn't keep this up without all of you!
    Almost back, so excited.

  2. Thanks!

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    Heyas and good morning, all!

    This week's episode is piping hot over here
    This time around we're taking a look at

    Nocturne - t567y-
    Levitation - XREMILIO7
    Cavern of Wonder - perfectnothing00
    Garden Valley - TwisterKiller70
    Big Mysterious Factory World - Volna-Grafka

    Definitely an...eclectic set this go around, but definitely fun to be had. We're up a little early this week, because i'm actually putting finishing touches on next week's episode. i know, shocking, right? i may for once actually have a little backlog buffer to work with.

    As always, thanks for all the support and feedback. i wouldn't be doing this if it weren't for all of you! Hope you have a great morning!
    Almost back, so excited.

  4. Thanks!

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    Hahaha, you're definitely the reason, why my queue is...omg! I just can't see its end anymore!
    Thanks a lot and many greetings, Jürgen^^

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