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    Post My RPG Maker VX Ace Project

    My RPG Maker VX Ace Project...

    Armed Hippies

    So this is my RPG Maker VX Ace project which I've been working on for many months now (that is not the game title, it's just the project's name). At first I wasn't serious with it and started to write down a story of few heroes who will save the world 'n stuff, but then I started to work on it so much that I wanted it to be something special.

    Spoiler Spoiler - Intro

    The game focuses on a guy who gets a special mission to investigate elven ruins from a forest which is located near his hometown to search for a map which will reveal the locations of the four elemental spirits and from that things start to roll. At first only the forest's monsters try to stop these adventurers from reaching the ruins but there are also some other people who want to find the power of the four elements and use it for their own gains...

    Spoiler Spoiler - More Pictures

    I've been writing the story for this game and created some characters which aren't even in the game yet. I have also used some scripts for the menu, battle system and for some other few things which have been created by other RPG Maker developers such as @Nicke (XaiL System - Menu Delux) & @Yami (Yanfly Engine Ace - Ace Battle Engine v1.22).

    Spoiler Spoiler - Even more pictures!

    I've used lot of materials which came along with this program but I have also used custom music (@Elysium, @Kairi Sawler & @McTricky), tilesets, sprites, faces, battlers and title background in this game which I have downloaded from RPG Maker forums. I have also given credits for the original creators of those things.

    Spoiler Spoiler - Last pile of pictures!

    Well that's all I managed to post at the moment. I may even post more if you are interested.
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