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    This sounds interesting. Where did you get that information?
    If you're referring to theck, thack, and thock, a quick google search will suffice.
    But I personally know of them from back in LBP1. You see... then, we didn't have Sackbots.
    So someone made a ragdoll whose torso was thin-layered, and limbs & head (still appearing thin) were Theck-layered.
    It was more convincing than a cardboard cutout, but nowhere near the level of a Sackbot.
    Another version would've been possible if Thock was achievable at the time: thin-layered limbs & head, and Thock-layered torso (Thock also appears thin).
    There were of course other uses for the trio of sub-layers, but that use was what I found most beneficial back in the day.

    Anywho, Devious_Oatmeal, I made you a block who's thickness corresponds to Sackboy's height.
    As far as the other dimensions, I set those as measurements of when Sackboy sets-off impact sensors.

    The link to the temp. level is:
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  2. Thanks!

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