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    Could someone please explain to me how this level is handling z axis movement? I get that it is mapping everything to the x/y plane up top, with collisions if you aren't above it, and the moving platform is just a speed sensor, yada, yada, yada, BUT i cannot figure out how the piston and microchip is handling z axis moving. There are no hitboxes on the platforms (the yellow boxes get rid of collisions), so what is making it land so precisely? Also, I've experimented with changing ramp sizes, and platforms and it works perfectly, but I cannot see why. I think I am missing some logic when I'm looking at it.

    Here's the link:

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    I just played it and I can't explain it either. How can the door move 3D like? In a LBP game? That's a cool thing to use. I guess I'll mever know. The level is copyable though.

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    The door is a decoration disk I believe with push logic (its two of the pistons). I just mainly am confused about the jumping since I don't believe it is the bot which is doing anything collision wise, but rather the piston and box surrounding the bot should be in charge of it.

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