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    Default Top List of everything wrong in Little Big Planet 3

    List of the following list worst to the worst things wrong with LittleBigplanet 3. This are major flaws that are game breaking and wrong with the game period. I will go into some of the reasons.

    Number Twelve: "Player costumes require more processing"

    Player Costumes will bug the level. I am just talking about the base costume objects without any stickers/objects attached to them. Some are more overwhelming then others on your platform and will cause your level to not display things correctly. If any player can jump just into your level with any costume it will create processing issues with displaying somethings within your level correctly.

    Number Eleven: "Playing online together with Playstation Plus"

    LBP is a kid friendly game. But putting a PS Plus on top of that caused this game to be like a MMO with a subscription. Which is one of the big flaws with it. How are you going to get kids that are 7-14 play this if they need to pay a monthly/yearly fee? Sure there are 16-27 year olds that play this but the 95% of the majority are the young kids with no income.

    Number Ten: "Contract Dev team"

    Build the game and move on. Sumo Digital is just a contract dev team from Sony. Majority of the blame is also on Sony for releasing the game in a buggy state. Also Media Molecule for not working on there own created IP and out sourcing it to another company. Dreams is looking to have some big limitations on the base PS4 so its not gonna even be released until next gen, That with no logic running in there levels. There is hardly any bug fixes that have been done on this game as of release.

    Number Nine: "Two Versions of Littlebigplanet 3"

    PS3 & PS4 players can't play together. Also PS3 is harder to work on. This will cause the dev team to have to do twice as much work fixing problems on two different ends. This might of been a good idea for them to just port over data from LBP1 & LBP2 to save time. Pointless to do that if you're working on the PS4 version anyway.

    Number Eight: "Thermo Save Mode is broken"

    This will cause the game to delete and reload objects in the level. This never works. Will cause the game to not load everything back or sometimes add ghost versions of them where you are unable to select to either delete or break apart. The collision detection will still be there. This mode will break wired logic apart. This mode loads in pieces and if you don't have everything on one piece of material then it will only load halve of it and cut the rest of the wires. This tool is only used for players that want to have lots of objects within their levels.
    I will only advice you use this if the level is very small to just help with load times into the level. Don't use it to make your levels bigger. There are other ways to do that are more effective.

    Number Seven: LBP1/LBP2/ LBP1 Special Edition bought DLC Not included in LBP3
    (Some of these are not fixed yet.)

    Number Six: Important DLC tools such as the memorizer not included in the base game.

    Number Five: "Unable to Load Player Profile"

    Can't join other players because of they couldn't load your profile. This maybe caused because of the size of the profile. This is also related to Number Four.

    Number Four, "Unable to load Level"

    Will be able to always load the level on the second try. It will never load on the first try unless its a empty level. This is the same with joining other players while they're in create or play mode. The same thing can happen while loading into there pod.

    Number Three: "Unable to return back to pod"

    Unable to return back to pod after a unable to read profile error. This will cause you to reset your game and reload it to have another attempt to send another "request to join". This only effects the person joining the other player.

    Number Two: "Moving Objects break the games collision detection"

    This has nothing to do with how many objects are in your level or how complex it is. Once this bug is triggered its always effects the level and the objects that were created in the level. The cause seems to be related to, A: having too many objects touching/overlapping each other, B: Emitters is causing the game to break, C: Anything moving including the player. (A bullet going across a room and touching a wall can cause all the boxes and the player also to fall through the floor.) This bug breaks static objects also. Any logic on any object that has a material that breaks will not work correctly. This will cause logic to not turn on and missing important things that can cause the game to have major game breaking moments. Deleting 99% of everything in a level will not fix this. Reloading a earlier version of the same level before the issue happens and continue to work on it is the only way to do a work around.

    Number One: "Corrupt Profile"

    Caused by closing the game/shutting down the console with its audio saving. The major issue in this is where it audio saves the most. The Pod. Just starting the game and going into your pod causes the game to audio save, leaving any level and dropping into your pod regardless if you saved or not causes a audio save.

    How to fix this issue:

    Reduce the need to do audio save. Add a 2nd Backup Main profile on the PS4 and have the game audio save back and forth between the 2 Profiles and read the other profile if the other one is corrupted. You are only able to save 10 files per game. Make sure you force players to delete 1 of there 10 files to make use of this feature.
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    Wow, a fine composition of the things, that made lbp3 nearly unplayable for lots of players. Thanks a lot! If this would have been the stat of 2015 then I would have said...wait what the next updates will bring, but there are still a lot of problems with the game even two years later!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CuriousSack View Post
    Wow, a fine composition of the things, that made lbp3 nearly unplayable for lots of players. Thanks a lot! If this would have been the stat of 2015 then I would have said...wait what the next updates will bring, but there are still a lot of problems with the game even two years later!
    I don't think they will ever get it all fixed, it's still way to laggy and after having my profile crupted on me over 5 times in one month this year,I'm kinda worried about putting to much work into any levels.

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