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    Arrow A fresh reintroduction!

    I had an account here but apparently I've got deleted (I'm not sure why!).
    Since many years have passed (I subscribed here when I was like 10-11 and my English was really awful) I'd like to reintroduce myself.

    If you're from 2011-2012 you may know me for Nature of Dreams or Make it Grabby on LBP2.

    I'm fabry800 on PSN ( this guy here!) and now, unfortunately, I rarely play on LBP now (but if you want to have a party with me feel free to tell me, I've got LBP3 for PS3 and now the PS3-PS4 servers are shared now so why shouldn't we play together! (Obviously, just if you want!)

    I stopped playing for about 2-3 years for major problems, plus the italian community (alas, and I say alas even if it was literally filled with TRASH) almost DIED (from 30-40 online friends I have just ONE now!), but I hope, one day, to come back and take away all the rust on my shoulders (since I forgot almost everything about creating, and the LBP3 3D system makes it for me even worse).

    Wondering what do I do if I don't play to LBP often like some years ago, heh? (I bet not but whatevs. :P)
    I'm a VOCALOID/UTAU user since 2014 and my username, as you can see, is delphic (or UTAUMakiko)!

    I think that's all! I hope we can be friends!

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    Heya, delphic!

    And welcome back to the forums! Your account was probably in a coma and didn't make it...

    I am in the same situation. I also stopped playing LBP because of the glitches in LBP3 and because my friends left the series. I haven't played it in a long time until few days ago I restarted it. I'm a bit rusty as well when it comes to level making and I have a few projects which I have to finish.

    Anyways, enjoy your stay in the forums once again and keep embracing your dreams!

    See ya!

    TenebrisNemo aka. Werttex

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    Welcome back to LBPC! Haha, it's been a while for you hasn't it?

    I also took several long breaks from LBP3 for the same reason that TenebrisNemo did, especially around launch. The glitches were too much for me too handle. But the game has vastly improved with all the updates its gotten. Still having issues with the online though, and my motivation to create has been dead since LBP2. Nevertheless, I have to admit that in terms of the levels, LBP3 is the most fun of any of the LBP games I've played!

    I totally understand what you're saying about the Italian community. Yeah, a lot of my PSN friends have also left. I had to make space on my friend list, so I deleted a lot of my old LBP1, LBP2, and even some LBP3 friends. Almost all of my PSN friends are from other games, sadly. But I still enjoy playing LBP3 from time to time, and hanging out on this site!

    And yeah, lets all be friends and be a strong community!

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    Welcome back!
    (aka jww) - Published Levels
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    Welcome back to LittleBigPlanet Central!

    (Jwwphotos, you delete accounts? Why don't you just let 'em cluster and fester in the Interwebs?)

    Oh, D-elfish, don't worry about not playing LittleBigPlanet too often, as I don't play at as often as I used to either...

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    Welcome back to Central!

    "Stay positive, have fun, and enjoy yourself.
    Together, as a community, we will reach our goals."

    Also follow me on Twitter, @fireblitz95

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    Hi delphic,

    and also welcome back from me, nice to meet you! ...and being active in the forums has proved to be the most effective rust remover, trust me!
    Have a fine time here and many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    Hey man,
    Welcome back.

    I personally still play LBP3.

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    Thanks guys! It's nice to see that the forum is still on!

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