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    Default Awesome Plasma Saber power up LOOKING FOR CREATORS FOR COLLAB PROJECT!!!

    Hello! I'm glad you're here reading this

    So, I found an amazing plasma sword power up and actually managed to get the creator to gift it to me (props to you bro) and threw together a little tech demo just to test it out. So far it can kill sackbots (and after some tweaking, sackboy has nothing to fear as the plasma won't affect him or his friends), slice obstacles into shards, and protect you from falling debris and projectiles if you time your swipes correctly, and I am seeking some decently skilled creators to help me put together a level worthy of this mighty blade.

    It really is the coolest power up I've ever come across. When equipped, it's merely a simple small metal hilt, but when you press R1...

    Holy higginbotham! The sides open up and a plasma blade erupts from the hilt!

    So you know what I'm talking about, here's the level demo info:

    Plasma Saber Power-Up Tech Demo

    If anyone's interested PLEASE reply to this thread and we'll get this level made! Also I should include whoever helps with the collab can have the item for your inventory.

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    I'm a man of peace!...but truly, who could resist such a plasma saber powerup?

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    That looks pretty cool, I actually made a sword like that using the blaster handle, its non lethal so it requires tags and stuff to work. But it does extend and retract, pretty well if I might add, you'd probably like it

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    What is the project about?

  5. Thanks!

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