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    Default Month til E3, thoughts on Dreams?

    So with E3 coming up in June, what are you guys' expectations? I'm personally hoping that MM announces the BETA at E3, that would be awesome. Here are some questions I'd like you guys to answer:

    -When are you expecting Dreams to come out? 2018,2019, or even further down the line?

    -What features would you like to see in the upcoming BETA that's coming this year, in 2017?

    -Media Molecule has been working on this project, in silence, for several years now. What are your thoughts on that?

    -Do you think Dreams can surpass LBP, in terms of popularity or overall quality?

    So those are the questions Leave your thoughts below!

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    Hi gurren009,

    I'm looking forward to "Dreams", but I'm not unpatiently waiting for it! So I have no expectations about a release date! Best time of release to me is when MM is totally content with it and the test phases have been successful.
    Naturally a beta version should have all functions and features of the final version, what sense would a beta make if this wouldn't be so?
    I've seen the first announcement trailer of 2013, I think that MM has done well to work on the project in silence till it had something to demonstrate! Then came the phase where we've got to see all the video demonstrations and this has been great to get an impression of what the game would be! I'm sure that "Dreams" will become a great game, and to me all the best would be, if I wake up in the morning and ask myself: will I play "Dreams" or will I play "LBP" today! ...and if it would be a really hard decision!

    Have a fine week and many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    Great post, gurren!

    I think in december of 2017 or somewhere in 2018 the Dreams BETA could launch. And if MM needs the time, they can get it. It's the best thing in the world of a developer. Making a game and having much time.

    MM has shown the modeling and a few cutscenes. I like the style of it. I still wonder about all the tools. Can you import textures? Can you make a FPS game without using the LBP workarounds? How can you get the tools to create the things? Will there be a story mode? How can you rate levels? Is the rating system like in LBP1? Many questions.

    I think MM can release Dreams with less bugs than LBP3. I don't know if it gets so popular like LBP. It depends how the community rates it and how easy it will be for newbies of creating.

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