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    hehe, i kind of like the sackbot . Can't think of a way to avoid that off the top of my head though...

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    Axis-3D 1.4 is now complete with the addition of the Orbital Tech I've implemented as can be seen in my previous .gif image.
    Further progress is currently crippled due to a move I'm packing for, so don't expect too much until after July.

    Axis-3D 1.5 marks the beginning of my rendering endeavours:

    I have a few ideas for optimization (some of which are a bit slow) which will make the thermo operate much more flexibly. The option that's the most efficient, however, takes an actual second to load my blocks into the 3D renderer... so that bites.
    But the quest continues!

    Future plans involve:
    • Map editing through the 3D renderer, for easy first-time editing instead of trial-and-error.
    • Player and object interaction with moving environments, like shifting platforms and the like.
    • Somehow replacing Sackbots as my render sources. Decoration spinners and bolts together only have 2-DoF... but maybe that can still work, since the camera itself also has only 2-DoF.

    Current bugs/draw-backs:
    • Sackbots still remain a huge problem, both with their visibility, and their disappearing (along with their decorations) when off screen. Still hoping to replace them entirely.
    • Regardless of the camera angle I use, decoration clipping still occurs. This is an issue on LBP3's side, and cannot effectively be addressed by me... sad days.

    That's it for now.
    Can't really make a video because I've already gutted the system in preparation for version 1.5. The .gif from my previous post is pretty much what 1.4 was all about anyway.
    I may make a little .gif showing the inner workings of 1.2, since it was the pure mathematical predecessor to 1.3, but I guess that'll depend on whether anyone wants me to post it (don't want to record something if there's no real need).
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    Alright... looks like I won't be returning to this project since my PS4 is being... reclaimed... by my brother (he owns it).
    (I'm moving, he's staying, oh well)

    I don't really have time to bundle Axis-3D up nice and tidy, nor make a proper in-game tutorial for it.
    I may be able to buy myself a new PS4 later down the road, but I don't want to wait that long to release Axis-3D.

    My idea is that I give someone the engine so that they can release it with a proper tutorial, and make a game with it to show off it's uses (I'd prefer those releases be at the same time).
    I may be able to record a video demonstrating how to use it, but any further questions would need to be answered via text.

    Unfortunately, there was still loads of tech I meant to implement, such as a logic-only layer detector.
    Frankly, I don't envy whoever wants to take-up this project, it still needs much improvement.

    If no-one wants it in its current... pre-alpha state, I'll just release it as-is.

    I'd recommend that if you want to work with the Axis-3D pre-alpha, you have a very firm grasp of LBP's logic system... analogue especially.
    This system is almost devoid of digital signals.
    The general math of the engine is pretty much taken care of, but further improvements could require more math.
    Therefore some knowledge involving Trig and maybe even Calc would be great.

    Sorry guys.
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    Thats really bad news! I wish you luck for your new chapter of life!

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    As a kinda quick project with Axis-3D, I tested a Minecraft-style game (building something with an engine is the best way to test it).
    Since blocks are flat on their sides, I found I could use the original "Yellow-Head" costume to essentially remove all sackbots from sight (the costume's flush with the cubes side).

    I quickly made the in-out object placement system:
    The Map-Maker doesn't take into account the layers you place your blocks into manually, you have to instead determine the layer-position for each object yourself, then input those positions as analogue values into each OTM (object tracking microchip) respectively.
    After hitting play, each object will jump to the layer-position you've set.
    In addition, each object is still dynamic... meaning they're still capable of detecting any changes in their layer-position after their jump to the layer-position you've set.

    Anywho, in this Minecraft style game I half-built (built in a night, since I'm on a time crunch), I determined the exact layer distance between blocks seperated by any distance.
    Using this knowledge, I built a voxel map to play in.

    Of course, Axis-3D was meant to do much more than voxel maps.
    Even in this current state, it's capable of fully dynamic environments, multi-player, and more.
    Which is kinda why I want someone to further its development for me.

    Quick note:
    Don't use Photobucket for image hosting. The stingy site took down my .gifs because I need a premium account just to embed the images. Nickels and dimes... nickels and dimes.
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    That's great news about the no longer visible sackbots! Too bad I don't think I have that costume on my ps4 (importing problems (though that one might have transferred)). I would love to volunteer for helping with this, but knowing my past, I wouldn't actually do much work on it :P. I do hope this continues though!

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