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    Version 1.1 out now!

    - Small bugfixes
    - updated bloodsprites
    - new shopitem is available in the shop (slowmo field)

    I have to say, the slowmo field is a really useful gadget in the higher rounds. In combination with the sentry gun it's very strong. Come and check it out!
    Future plans:
    10 waves instead of 5. A easy modification. Makes the game longer.

    Have fun with the new update!

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    New ideas

    - A new shopitem (I'll keep it secret)
    - A new gamemode (I'll keep it secret)
    - 10 waves instead of 5 (For a longer playtime)

    Of course I can take community requests too!

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    I wasn't working on BWZ7 for quite a while. Maybe I'll take a break from LBP3 and make the update.

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    As a LBP3 player I say nooooooo! a Vita player I say yeeesssssssssss!!

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    Here's the new menu design:

    To Do List:
    - Adding 10 waves
    - Redesigning the shop menu
    - Changing the balancing
    - Creating a new weapon
    What do you think?

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    'Change log':

    - More waves (10 waves, 20 minutes until it gets endless)
    - A new shop design
    - A new weapon - the handmade pistol
    Nearly everything works as exspected. The new waves are very challenging. You still have a chance though. The new weapon is useful, but not overpowered. The new shop/menu design is also good. It looks better and it is modern. A small thing about the inforcements: Only 1 sentry gun/slowmo field can be used at once. This means that you cant place down 2 sentry guns or slowmo fields. More work for you!*
    I would say it's worth it to give it another try. This wasn't the last update. There will be more content soon. And 'soon' means december/january.*

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