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    Ossu! Comin' back at you with another quick one here!

    Episode 043 - From Cheddar With Love..

    This time around we're taking a look at From Cheddar With Love.. by CANDY_KING_ALEC

    The shorthand version is this is a ripe slice of old-school love, here. A very solid level, surprising in that i think it could hold its own against a fair number of levels made in LBP2 or 3. It's not necessarily excellent, but it's definitely worth a quick runthrough. Also, it's completely functional in LBP3, which is something of a surprise. Nary a break nor a glitch that i noticed (aside for one area with slightly over-bright lighting).

    Behind the Curtains Stuffs
    So.. i went and scrapped the outro for R15F - 007, which meant a lot of unnecessary work today, but i think i'm happier with the result, and it's been uploaded and set to go for tomorrow. Half-done with episode 008 as well, so we're just about back on schedule. i've not been putting together as many LBsP episodes as i'd like, but things have been kittywumpus with work recently, and i ended up losing one of my most productive day for putting things together two weeks in a row. Hopefully my bosses will cool it with all the jerking about.

  2. Thanks!

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    Thanks a lot, waffleking23,

    I love cheese and I also love cheddar, mostly because of its orange colour!
    ...ok, I will try to use my imagination for the taste of cheddar while playing this!

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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