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    Default Artificial Intelligence!

    I wanted to make a computer opponent in my tic-tac-toe level but I never had experience in AI programming, so I was wondering where I would start considering that I want to work on other AI projects.

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    So here's the chance for our logic puzzle freaks to betray secrets and help our new friend!

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    If you want an unbeatable AI that can calculate all the possible moves, the best solution would be to make a binary algorithmic system but I have never delved too deep into that and it takes some knowledge to make it work correctly, any tiny mistake and the whole thing fails basically.

    I'm lazy so I would never even attempt the method previously mentioned. What I would do is to use tags to map out the board conditions. The AI should know which ones of the 9 squares that are available and by analyzing the taken ones, be able to play accordingly. You need to set up rules. For example; if 2 squares in a row are taken, the third square should be highlighted for the AI, thus prioritized. The more rules you add the smarter the AI will become. You basically need to learn a bunch of tags and selectors how to play tic-tac-toe.

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    This goes for any other board game right?

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    Pretty much, yes. Some are harder and some are easier. I'd label tic-tac-toe as an easier one due to the simplicity of the game.

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    Tic Tac Toe is actually very easy to make an unbeatable ai. You could do a variety of different things such as counting each possible line for X's and O's (8 lines) for 2 either. There's also just go for middle if it's not taken. Basically the order should be:
    0. Is the middle taken (optional): If no, put it on middle
    1. Can my opponent win: if yes, block them.
    2. Is there a free corner: If yes, take one.
    3. Is there a free spot: If yes, take one.

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