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    Recently I've come across some gory levels in LBP3 and I'm wondering how active the moderation team really are these days? I know little about these type of things but I've heard that only someone at Sony can moderate a level, thus successively remove it if the content is inappropriate. But things may have changed in LBP3, it looks like it. Realistic simulations often includes gore whenever there's physical damage involved but is this too much for a LBP game or is it justified by the creative freedom?
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    Hi blacksackman,

    the border between creative freedom and inappropriateness isn't always clear. Once I've created a scenery to illustrate one of my compositions for Halloween! Its been an execution scene with a guillotine and I tend to create realistic sceneries! I've created also a warning message, that the content of the level could be disturbing for little children! Later I decided not to publish it! Though in my opinion the effect has been really cool! In the beginnings LBP may have been addressed to children, but its never been simply a children's game! So to me its only logical that the content of creations isn't always appropriate for little children. But should we prohibit all gore content therefore?? I think no! I think that the moderation of levels is an instrument that should be sufficient! But maybe creators who want to create realistic and bloody sceneries should give a warning that the content is probably disturbing for little children!

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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