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    Default A problem with checkpoints...

    Iím creating a level where the opening cutscene involves the first player crouching on a speeding airship before jumping off to spawn the other players. I donít have everything set up, just the cameras and logic that broadcasts the chain of animations he will be doing during the duration of the cutscenes before the gameplay starts.

    Here is the order of cameras and scenes.
    The 1st is a downward pan from the sky.
    The 2nd reveals player 1 crouching on the airship.
    The 3rd has him stepping back and taking the leap
    The 4th he lands on the area below, activating a checkpoint that the other players come out of.

    The problem however, is the checkpoint. Sackboy is supposed to be already on the ship before the second camera activates however the checkpoint only spawns him during it which breaks the flow of the cutscenes. The second camera, unlike the first, shows the area the invisible checkpoint is floating in which may have something to do with it. Mind you, the first camera has a running time of 2-3 seconds which confuses me as to why the checkpoint wonít activate until the second camera is on it. I donít know if this is an oversight, but Iím trying to figure it out.

    Iím experimenting with controlling a sackboy with commands and animations from a broadcast microchip as I donít want to resort to using a disposable sackbot just yet. Any ideas?

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    The entry will only be activated when its visible (in the camera area, nothing todo with invisible checkpoint), that means if you want a cutscene before you enter the level, you have to activate a camera, where the entry cant be seen... you can trigger the following cameras with a sequencer, which is activated using a player sensor that is set to detect not spawned players (setting)... once your entry is in the picture, the players will come in... LittleBigPlanet news, statistics, signatures, music, wiki and more...

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    You want to have player 1 already in the level, jump out of a airplane and after that the other players should spawn? Am I right? That doesnt work.

    What Hanfi said is right. A checkpoint only spawns a sackboy when it is in the screen.

    If I understood your post you could also try out something with the controlinators.

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    I did. And using a controlinator with some more logic and another camera solved my problem.
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    Oh, cool! I hope I could help you a little bit

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