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    Default Christmas Valentines & Tearaway DLC available?

    I just checked the store, why are all three packs available?

    festive goodies is SUPPOSED to be only available during the week of Christmas, valentines is SUPPOSED to be only available February, and I haven't seen the tearaway DLC on the store since the release of that game.

    and yet all three are available for purchase (or in the case of tearaway, for free) RIGHT NOW

    what gives?


    ok strike that

    ALL holiday DLC that normally can only be obtained at certain times of the year is available to download RIGHT now

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    According to a PSN friend of mine, the LBP/2/3 store pages have been modded and seasonal dlc can be downloaded.
    For what reason exactly? Whomst've did this? No clue, but hey, get them while you can )))

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