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    Default Questions about me

    Am I fulfilled with H4H? Or a normal player? Or am I a newbie? A lot of raw questions started me to think about what I am. I can try and fulfill what I want to be. Trust me its hard to think of the up comes

    But my real question I always think about is:
    Am I popular but don't know it?

    I do (now) have 26 hearts though I know I have to stay on PSN for years to become popular. Think about Nuclearfish who does not play much or anymore on LBP. He is super duper popular that he got the crown yet he stayed for years from LBP1 - LBP3 and halted. That is called a build up. Build ups require huge obstacles and ideas, training and what not. He was wise enough to not resist the bait of stopping to trying and become popular. Till now perhaps. Same gos for comphermc, Poms and probably AlexInLBP. But me? I'll build up and Fulfill my destiny.

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    As an fyi...

    Nuclearfish and Chimpanzee both got their crowns by running the amazing LBP Contraption Challenge. Most get their crowns for winning contests or doing something really incredible for the community. Not for being popular.
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