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    Default LittleBIGPhysics: Investigating the Laws of LBP2

    I suppose this is a bit of a different kind of "project" compared to most other things on this board, but it's the most appropriate I've been able to find, at least. In any case:

    The Idea
    Since one of the pillars of LBP is creating, I figured that getting back into LBP meant I should try out some kind of creative venture again. I wanted to try out something that might involve actual interaction with people, instead of just spending hours on a level to send out into the aether, so I figured I could put together something of a video series, on the optimistic assumption that videos in LBP2 still have an audience.

    The idea's this: I remember once hearing somebody praise the details of LBP's physics years ago, saying it had some unexpected details. Bad physics can really make a game not worth playing (or worth playing for all the wrong reasons), so I wanted to make something of a tribute to the intricacy of LBP's physics by examining it up close to identify and appreciate its details.

    This means taking something of an experimental approach, using the in-game logic to create instruments that can produce measurements to model the physical behaviour of objects. I don't clutter it much with math, since that'd make it less accessible, but I try to be transparent about when I'm using it to let people know what's going on. I wait until pertinent aspects of logic come up to explain, which will only mean getting into really complicated stuff if necessary (and many here know it has no upper bounds on how complicated it can get - this stuff can get into calculus, not that I intend to do that).

    The Series So Far
    I'm currently in the process of producing the third video, but here are the two I've put together so far:
    How Tall is Sackboy? - Length
    How Heavy is Sackboy? - Weight

    I realize I'm probably catering to a pretty small crowd by this point with how small the LBP community has shrunk (as promising as future prospects are for Dreams), but I'd love to hear any thoughts anybody has on what could be worked on. I'm currently considering making some smaller episodes as well, just a few minutes long, to deal with miscellaneous things like density or how long one unit of the grid is in create mode. I'll just have to play around with the format and see what works.

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    Wow, these videos are crazy, have to watch them when I have more time... LittleBigPlanet news, statistics, signatures, music, wiki and more...

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    In case anybody would like to follow along, the next episode's out now, too, this time dealing with measuring constant speeds.

    Truth be told, I actually had this video done a week earlier, but a lack of available time to sit down and draw the thumbnail held things back. I even had to settle for a much less interesting graphic than what I originally envisioned, but to be realistic, I might have to make do with simpler thumbnails from now on to remove that limiting factor.

    On the brighter side of things, I'll be recording the footage for a bunch of episodes pretty soon, so now would be the best time for any suggestions for things to explore or specific methods to try out, since I'll be able to incorporate them into what I record. I'm planning on making a couple larger episodes and a number of smaller ones to see if a shorter format (for at least some videos, probably not all) works well for easier questions, like how dense different things are.

    That having been said, I'll get to work on the next episode, which incorporates what I think is the most interesting measurement tool yet.

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