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    I have a problem with the trophy Do not go alone ....
    I finished each level with the help of a second controle.
    I also played online with other players.
    Unfortunately, I have not received the trophy so far.

    Today I made a small test and disconnected from the internet and launched the game.
    It turned out that one level is as if unfinished - neither for 1 player, for 2,3,4.
    It's High Stakes Heist.

    Has anyone had a similar problem?
    I have finished this level just before, as well as with another player and I still see it as if it was not played (i can see the icons that I have collected everything, finished without losing my life, but when I push the square and go into detail, it looks like I'm in it) he did not play).

    Does anyone know the solution to this problem?

    P.S. forgive me poor English.

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    Sorry to hear, but I have no idea what to do about this! Maybe you should pm StevenI, maybe he can help you! Good luck and many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    I have the same problem on PS4, the only trophy missing for platin, played all levels in multiplayer as host several times, no chance, but thats LBP3, you have to live with the bugs... LittleBigPlanet news, statistics, signatures, music, wiki and more...

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    There seems to be a general misconception regarding this trophy. Bear in mind that LBP3 was a lot more broken and full of glitches during the months after release and I got this trophy during that period. It's safe to assume that most trophy glitches are patched by now so those that still have problems getting this trophy is definitely doing something wrong. First make sure you do the following correctly.

    Always play with a multiplayer friend, don't use a second controller, it doesn't count. Make sure that you go the hubs and link to all the levels, just as if you would play the story-mode. This is very important! Many people just quick race through all the levels from their pod and sometimes the game doesn't register it. Make sure that the attempt to get the trophy is done during one whole session and try and avoid shutting the game of in-between. When I did it the story mode reset every time you left the game, talk about frustration! The trophy/pin tracker can actually forget that you were playing story-mode levels with a friend in previous sessions, which is why you should make sure to play everything in one run. Also make sure to really finish the level at the scoreboard by waiting for the in-game UI options and not pressing start as soon as you stand on the scoreboard.

    Make sure you're connected during the whole play-through, it's pretty obvious that you have to be because without online connectivity you can't play with a friend online! Let me know if you're still having any problems after trying these unwritten measures to get the trophy. Good luck!
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