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    Default Erin's Ever-Expanding Estate REBUILDING

    Hey, it's Erin (BABYABBU) and I'm here to share some news.

    A long time ago I started a project called "Erin's Ever-Expanding Estate" and I worked hard on it, and it's evident on my YouTube channel (lostinsea). Recently I had gotten home from a long vacation to stream and create again, but I realized all my hard work was gone thanks to data corruption.

    I can't really work on it because it crashes whenever I try to work on it fdom the ground up, so...

    I need people to build up The Estate again. It's a big task, but, with multiple people, we can do it. I've already deleted all the corrupted data and shelved the system storage (after corruption, without corrupted dara) into the online storage, but everything is the same—no community objects, no costumes, no objects, no Stickers, no community Stuckers, no nothing. It also says that The Estate's progression is in the system storage but it won't show up on my Moon.

    I've looked online and offline. I can't do anything about it anymore. I have spent many hours on my creation and a lot of the WiFi to share what I'm making, but I want to be able to release The Estate on its proper release date—SUMMER, like I have promised in "Terms of Service".

    - - - - - - - - - -

    EDIT: I don't even know if I want to assemble a crew or anything because I'm afraid it will crash either way.

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    I had this corruption problem about 4 times in LBP Vita. It doesn't sound appropriate, but I think starting from scratch isn't such a bad idea. You can get new ideas. And I really don't know why it crashes when you build it again. Any glitched objects in the popit? Does it happen everytime?

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