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    LittleBigPlanet 3 Community Mashup 13 (co-stream with Aizayah)

    Co-streaming with Aizayuh (Damaz10) playing more community levels.

    Saturday 16th February 2019
    9:30pm - 12am (UK, GMT time)

    Do you have a level request or recommendation? Let us know in the chat-room. For quality assurance, we will need to check them out online so make sure they have decent photos, a relavent badge and details filled out for us to see on If you've got any details on your levels on social media platforms let us know. Depending on time we can either play them whilst live or queue them up for next time.

    EDT (DC, USA) time 4:30pm
    CST (Dallas, TX) time 3:30pm
    JST (Japan) time 6:30am (17th)
    CEST (Central EU) time 10:30pm
    WEST (Morocco) time 9:30pm
    BRT (Brazil) time 7:30pm

    NOTE: If we're running a bit late, hang tight all Sackfolk, we will be live soon.

    Follow me, and Aziyah on Twitch and Twitter to get up-to-date info and going live notifications:

  2. Thanks!

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