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    Default LBPC HAUNT II: (Part Three) The Full Moon Stands Tall

    Before you give this a read-through,
    Make sure you catch up on Parts 1 and 2.

    A malevolent demon storms through the quiet town,
    While a grotesque abomination also makes its way down,
    Dire times have come upon this rather pleasant night,
    The wilderness around basking in the moonlight.

    With so little people in town- at this point scared away, no doubt-,
    Our final three have elected to have a little “campout”.
    So, with their area cleared out and their bonfire lit,
    It is deep within Forum Games where we start this next bit.

    (L1N3R1D3R) “Ahh! Nothing like a rugged night under the stars!”
    (fireblitz95) “Don’t you practically live here?”
    “Yeah, but Forum games is a ‘wilderness’, after all.”
    (gurren009) “Too dang dark out here, if you ask me.”

    Seeming too old to trick-or-treat, I suppose,
    Our trio is dressed in casual clothes.
    Flannels and jeans, perhaps a beanie or two,
    The fire blazing bright while they sit around and stew.

    “You’re out here as often as I am.”
    “But not at night. You sorta forget this is outside of town, devoid of most things.”
    “Not like the middle of town is any livelier these days.”

    A quiet rustle comes from the bushes near their spot,
    Though they’re quick to dismiss it without a second thought.
    Suddenly CuriousSack, Robo4900 and butter-kicker
    All come scrambling out, their minds in a flitter.

    (CuriousSack) “AAAAAAAAAHHH-”
    (Robo4900) “AAAAAAAAAHH-”
    (butter-kicker) “AAAAAAAHHH-”
    “Whoa whoa whoa!!”
    “Agh!! What the hell- butter?!”

    Our first trio apprehend the other three,
    Easing their panic back down gradually.

    “H-hah! Kinda glad I found ya, blitz!”
    “Almost gave me a heart attack…”
    “What are you guys doing?”
    “W-we were just hanging around Curious’ place-”
    “Blame Curious for this.”
    “Things went w-wrong, a-and now we got a big monster on the loose.”
    “Um… what?”

    A loud explosion emulates from town,
    The echo travelling for miles around…

    “Ohh… oh no…”
    “Y-yeah. That thing.”
    “Curious, did you really?”
    “I-I was just thinking of g-getting an extra hand for the site!”
    “A BOT, Curious. That’s what BOTS are for.”
    “Y-yeah, but something more personable, you know?”

    TenebrisNemo and FreeAim come in from the other direction,
    And all three of our story’s groups convene at this intersection…

    (FreeAim) “OH THANK GOD!!”
    (TenebrisNemo) “So glad it’s you guys!”
    “What happened with YOU guys?!”
    “N-nothing at all, really-”
    “We found a book, and things went horribly wrong.”
    “Assigned reading?”
    “I wish.”
    “Well, spit it out.”
    “Weee might’ve accidentally got a friend possessed by a demon?”
    “… WHAT.”

    Still in the middle of town, Diantha did dwell,
    As her hands thrust towards the sky… to summon the powers of Hell.

    (DiamondDiancie10) “All monsters and demons, the ****ed and forsaken,
    I call thee to join me… thy spirits, AWAKEN!!”

    A ring of hellfire erupts from the ground,
    Causing an unholy racket heard miles around.
    It’s also clearly heard by our groups of two and three,
    Causing all of them to tremble nervously…

    “Oh my god, t-that’s her…”
    “I-it’s getting worse. It’s getting much worse…”
    “If we wanna save the town, we can’t just sit around!”
    “But she’s possessed by a demon! A DEMON. What are we gonna do against that?!”
    “At least the monster is rampaging towards her location?”
    “But it’s an unholy abomination versus an unholy spirit. It’s like throwing a pawn against a queen.”
    “… this might be a long shot, but there’s one guy I know…”

    With fireblitz taking lead, they start heading towards town,
    But instead of walking through, they instead walk around
    To the very outskirts, where the dirt roads begin,
    And with a couple more turns, they soon find themselves in
    A forgotten part of town, all the houses worn and old.
    Wood and dust fill the air, with a feint whiff of mold.
    One house seems to have a lamp lit ominously,
    So they zero in on it and soon come to bother…

    … me.

    “Jack! Jack, you there?!”
    “I-it’s a bit of an emergency, sir!”

    Sauntering up to the door, dressed in my long john,
    I gave a mighty yawn and slipped my hat on.
    Now to those unsuspecting kids, I must’ve been a sight,
    If only having given one of them a fright.

    “AAGH. Outlaw. Y-your clothes-”
    (Outlaw-Jack) “Seem to be on, to me. What’s with all the holler?”
    “Sir, you’re quite an expert on this Halloween stuff, right?”
    “… I reckon.”
    “Good. Because some nasty stuff is going on in town…”
    “W-we accidentally got our friend possessed by a demon-”
    “And we accidentally l-let a big Frankenstein’s monster bust loose.”
    “This is my problem because…?”
    “The town might literally go to Hell? Kind of a big deal.”
    “Hmm. I guess. Don’t see why it’s gotta bother me…”

    I turn around to head inside, but Nemo slips in a hand
    As I try closing the door.

    “Sir, I don’t think you understand. Our friend is POSSESSED-”
    “Far as I can tell, y’all made this mess. So y’all can sort it out.”
    “It’s a big monster and a freakin’ DEVIL!! What are we supposed to do about that?!”
    “I dunno. Git some torches, maybe a few splashes of holy water, say yer Hail Marys…”
    “This guy isn’t being helpful at all…”
    “Jack. I know you helped in that HAUNT years past. And I know you delve into the lore of things, why with your big story and all. If anyone would know how to solve this, it’s you.”
    “Y-yes… and we don’t have much time.”

    Looking back at those younger folks, all of them in a scare,
    It was a little concerning, yes… but I honestly didn’t care.
    Then again, this might be the only town they might’ve known,
    And besides, the quicker they’re dealt with… the quicker I’m left alone.
    So, with a lazy eye roll and a reluctant sigh,
    I went back out to the others.

    “Some of you may die.”
    “… r-really?”
    “Nahh, if we deal with this problem quickly enough. Otherwise we’re all dead.”
    “H-haha. Fun.”
    “Now which one of y’all were the ones messin’ with demons and stuff?”
    “I guess that’s us.”
    “Yep, preferably him.”
    “Huh. Okay… Nemo. Come with me.”
    “What?! But he muttered the séance!”
    “Y’all wanna whine about it, or do ya wanna save yer friend and everyone else?”

    Nemo looks around at the others, worried and scared,
    But he takes a deep breath, and shows he’s prepared.

    “Alright. Let’s do this.”
    “Alrighty. Come along.”
    “… wait, what are we doing?”
    “You’ll see, now git movin’. Ain’t blessed with time here.”

    The moon kept rising- perhaps a little foretelling-
    As I ushered Nemo in to my humble dwelling.
    There wasn’t much in it. Whiskey here, bullets there.
    Save for old screenshots of years past, plastered everywhere.
    Imagine my place like a saloon you live in…
    Bah, bad reference. Let’s keep readin’.

    “All them guys yer friends?”
    “I guess? We’re friendly enough.”
    [COLOR="#8B4513"]“Couple good folks out there. I’ll reserve my opinions on the one or two, though…”
    “Um… you mean- oh. Oookay…”
    “Just a personal preference. No need to git hung up on it.”

    I mosey on over to my personal wet bar,
    Where I dig into the cabinets to pull out a mason jar.
    Bringing up my journal of Halloween’s past,
    I begin my mixing… and run through the motions fast.
    A couple of bat clippings, one fresh-squeezed snail,
    Some eyes of new, a pig pimple, hairs of a wolf’s tail,
    A healthy pour of white lightning coupled with tabernacle rust,
    And to complete this arcane concoction… a spoon of My Moon dust.

    “… you’re not just poisoning me, are you?”
    “Of course not, yuh nitwit. Although… are you actually a vampire?”
    “No, not really.”
    “Ah. Good. Was gonna say, you might’ve preferred death over this.”
    “Mmh. Splendid.”
    “Guess what it is, yet?”
    “The bat fragments seem ominous, but then you added… moondust? And- URK- pimple…”
    “Yesiree. That there moondust is the ‘important’ part…”

    I hand the jar over to Nemo to hold,
    As I usher him back out into the cold.

    “Alright. Git out there for yer friends to see.”
    “See what?... a-am I actually drinking this?!”
    “No, yer bathing in the stuff- OF COURSE YER DRINKIN’ IT. Now git goin’. That’s some good mash I splashed in there…”

    Nemo rejoins the others as I follow close behind,
    But as I look to the sky, all I could find
    Was this thick, meddling fog. So I take off my hat
    And wave it all away, clearing it up just like that.

    “W-whoa. How did you do that?”
    “Do wut? It was hazy.”
    “You just cleared up the sky…”
    “Oh. Guess I did. Y’all learn a thing or two when yer this old.”
    “But… what…”
    “Eww, what’s in that?”
    “Eye of newt… pig pimple… juiced slug…”
    “URP- okay. Shut up.”
    “W-what is this gonna do?”
    “That there’s yer solution. Now bottoms up.”
    “Man, that looks harsh…”
    “It’s gonna BE harsh.”
    “Like y’all said, there ain’t much time.”

    I look towards town proper, the place burning a brilliant red…
    Jesus, that’s an image I ain’t getting outta my head.

    “Aaand from what I’m seein’, this ain’t no time to dilly-dally.”

    Nemo spends a moment eyeing up the drink.
    Grimacing… queasy…

    “This is gonna stink…”
    “You gonna tell her she’s a pretty girl first or wut? Git goin’!”

    He stares a little longer, making a pouty frown,
    Then Nemo tips the jar skyward and slams it all down.
    The others revel in disgust, but I emit a little grin,
    For I know of the transformation that’s about to begin…

    “Agh… oh god…”
    “… you okay, Nemo? How are you feeling?”
    “Like a moldy shoe and bad decisions.”
    “Anything change?”
    “… no, I-… ohh mama-”

    Nemo flops to the ground, writhing in pain,
    As his very fibers and being begin to stretch and strain!

    “W-what’s going on! WHAT DID YOU DO?!”
    “Hah! Why else do y’all think I cleared the fog? We gotta expose the moon!”

    His limbs grow longer, fur growing everywhere,
    Turning into a thick coat of silvery hair,
    Claws spring forth, a muzzle grows from his face,
    As sharp canines sprout forth, both sides frantically race
    To the end of his maw… and he makes a harsh scowl,
    As this newly transformed werewolf reels back to howl:

    “AWOOOOOOOOOOwee, baby!”

    Yes, regarding the transformation, it didn’t go quite as planned,
    With him also sporting a leather jacket, denim jeans, comb in hand.
    I probably should’ve checked for the vintage on that moonshine,
    As our werewolf appears as 50’s trash… but still looking quite fine.

    “Uh… what’s with the pompadour?”
    “Is he supposed to look like werewolf John Travolta?”
    “… eh… an unexpected consequence. But a minor one.”
    “I’m the bees knees, daddy-o! Got it made in the shade! HOO-AH!”
    “Minor, huh?”
    “It’s cosmetic. Besides, this’ll all wear off once he’s done.”
    “Erm, done with what?”
    “What else?”

    Nemo’s ears perk up, turning his schnozz towards town…

    “Ohoho… she’s cruising for a bruising. Well then, let’s THROW DOWN!!”

    He howls once more, bearing a smile on his face,
    As he hunches forward and takes off, running at a brilliant pace!
    The others race after him, and I graciously take my leave,
    Leaving them to their big fight… from what I’ve been lead to believe.

    Will LBPC be saved? Or is all of it lost?
    All will be told in due time… and stay tuned. ~Outlaw-Jack
    "It's better to be a has-been that a never was."

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    A tribute to LBPC and the people who made it awesome... (Continued!)

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    Hahaha, thats great! Seems that I really had the jitters!

  3. Thanks!

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    Wow! I didn't expect you back this year Jack! Great read as always. Reading this I was reminded of something so I had to go exploring. I found this post I made, wow, seven years ago!
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    Visiting the forum for the first time in months and did not expect to see this! Yet it is something that is always welcome. Much love Jack, it was great fun to read as always.

    OH MY GOD! I've lost my pants!

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