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    Default levels on the theme animated drawing

    hi the sackboy, today I present you two new levels on the theme animated drawing.

    DragonBall Z Namek and Music.

    a trailer is waiting for you here:

    This is a level for two players in a Goku vs Vegeta fight on the planet Namek, but you can play alone on the map to find the Crystal Balls and invoke Porunga to win prizes! I chose my favorite dbz music, the one from Bardock, which was made by me! Yes after 10 years of LBP I finally get to music . I hope you like it! Good fight!


    Thème of Tapion

    This is the theme of tapion, the character from Dragon Ball Z movie 13 (The Dragon Attack). This is the moment when he leaves his music box and plays his melody at the ocarina. I wish you, therefore, a good listening and hope you enjoy.

    Here is the link:

    Asterix "Alea Jacta Est" "music" Beta

    a trailer is waiting for you here:

    It is a level a rather short player because it is still being built for mini lvl. I’ll tell you no more. music is mine too. I chose the music of the first level of Asterix on SNES and Asterix the Gaul. others are coming. Good games to all!

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    My avatar it's my first drawing on LBP

  2. Thanks!

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