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    Lightbulb Dreams Early Access | Play Create Share

    Hi all,

    Continuing on from my Dreams Early Access First Look I have new series on Twitch; Dreams Early Access | Play Create Share. A new series will be announced after the full release of Dreams.

    Dreams Early Access | Play Create Share | Every Sunday 9:30pm – 11:30pm (BST/GMT, UK time)

    I will be playing and exploring community creations, creating through tutorials and sharing what I find live on Twitch TV. Stay tuned for extra days during the week.

    • GMT (UK) time 9:30pm
    • EDT (DC, USA) time 4:30pm
    • CST (Dallas, TX) time 3:30pm
    • JST (Japan) time 6:30am (the following morning)
    • CEST (Central EU) time 10:30pm
    • WEST (Morocco) time 9:30pm
    • BRT (Brazil) time 7:30pm

    Part 1 starts tonight. Start time can vary so stay up-to-date with me here on the forums, drop me a follow on Twitter and Twitch for going live notifications. If I'm running late hold tight, I'll be live soon.

    I would love to see members from the community join me in the chatroom. Maybe you have a few creations you’d like to share or recommend for me to check out? Let me know.
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    Dreams Early Access, Play Create Share, Part 2 is tomorrow; Thursday 25th April 2019 from 9pm (BST, UK time)

    I've already had a few messages and friend requests from creators to take a look at their creations whilst live on Twitch. If anyone has any recommendations or creations that they would like to show off, drop by the chatroom and let me know.

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    Dreams Early Access, Play Create Share, Part 4 is tonight, keep an eye out for my going live tweet on Twitter. To get a notification from Twitch you'll need to follow me and have notifications turned on.

    My last stream was a bit quiet, so I'm hoping more people turn up tonight and keep it interesting in the chat room.

    - - - - - - - - - -

    Hi all, I'm still streaming Dreams every Sunday, it's been a bit quiet but I enjoy doing it. Drop on by if you can as I may have to stop after I've done the tutorials so I can actually make stuff in it. As finding time to do both is proving very hard to do.

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