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    Default How do we revive LBP?

    I haven't played LBP for a while since December of last year. I have noticed that LBP is becoming even less popular as time goes on

    That has gotten me thinking of a very important question... How do we revive (as a community) Little Big Planet? Take note that Media Molecule is currently working on dreams and LBP hasn't really gotten much updates, just the same as I have seen. Please correct me in I am wrong 'cuz I haven't been on LBP sice December last year 'cuz I'm gonna have to buy LBP 3 for my PS4 soon enough so I can come back and chec on LBP. By the way, I haven't been on LBPC since ages and it feels good to be back

    I only came up with only one solution, and that is just having someone to collect housands upon thousands of signatures (thousands to "potentially" have Media Molecule or Sumo Digital .etc. to recognise LBP) and have the signatures in a very famous account or signatures on a level be sent to an account that is popular and the user has a crown and some team picks (like StevenI or... I dont know, you choose XD)

    And yes.. please forgive me, I used to be weird and an annoying beggar since ages ago and now I'm a completely different yet still positive person and will no longer confuse anyone with difficult words

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    I'm pretty sure LBP's glory days are long behind us. MM has focused on their new IP the past 4-5 years and I just don't see them coming back to the LBP franchise even for the next-gen console; as you can tell by this forum I just don't think the demand is there.

    I saw an infographic of LBPC's popularity in terms of volume of posts in another thread and it's abundantly clear that we are now past this series' prime (by nearly 9 years). I think both LBP and LBP2 were fantastic games that naturally formed a tight-knit community simply due to the nature of the creative side of the game. When you paired that with the internet's love for html forums a decade ago, you got this wonderful place. I've never been too well-versed in gaming communities and how popular forums are in 2019, but nowadays I feel like I can get everything I need from Twitter and Reddit and don't have the need to come to a specific forum for a game. Always gonna miss coming here every day after school, though. Definitely some of my favorite memories!

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