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    Default Save LBPK + Mod Nation online petition

    Hi everyone. Just heard the bad news about LBPK + Mod Nation servers shutting for good. Which would be absolutely criminal.
    However some bright spark decided to start an online petition to save both these games. Here's the link =

    This is a great opportunity to send a strong message to Sony, that plenty of people are passionate about these creative content titles, and that it's unacceptable to have 1000s of lovingly created levels discarded as if they were worthless trash.
    If you care about these titles and you don't want to see their servers shut, then please support this petition, and spread the link via Email/Facebook etc.

    I'd also recommend you leave a comment after signing the petition. It doesn't have to be Shakespear….. just say what you feel in your heart. This is what I said =

    "After spending several thousand hours creating content levels for LBPK, I am heartbroken to hear the servers have shut. This is incomprehensible to me.
    How Sony can commit to a kill switch for 100s of fantastic levels, I do not understand.
    My levels weren't just fun to play, they were ART.
    Some of the user content levels were easily a better standard than commercial release. On the odd occasion a level would even blow my mind with it's intricate detailing and character.
    This is definitely a case of the community "giving", and the corporation "taking" away. I shall never buy another Sony console from now on. It even seems as if they would rather keep us away from creative pursuits on consoles, and instead focus our energies on repetitious, empty-hearted, mind-numbing, death-matches. An endless circle of cloned consumerism."
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