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    Thought I'd leave my mark while I'm here reminiscing on all the good times that were had on this forum. Hard to believe there was a time when there was 200-300+ members online at a time all collaborating, talking about levels and just having a good time. I started with LBP PSP when I was about 11 years old in middle school, and now today I'm turning 23. A lot has happened since publishing those levels way back then, but I'll never forget the time spent with this game and on this forum. Thanks a lot to the community that made this game so great.

    - eagerneph

    p.s. **** it feels good to leave that eager tag again lol

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    Hi eagerneph,

    I never had a PSP, I joined the LBP community in 2011 and started with LBP2. But I only can agree with you, this forum always has been a place to meet friends and to have fun.
    But I'm not really sad, cause Dreams will become a worthy successor to the LBP series!

    Many greetings, Jürgen^^

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    Ah, if only LBP PSP hadn't been so flawed, it could have been so much greater. Maybe I would have made more than one level for it!
    It does feel good thinking about old times, more creative times.
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    Yeah, it's sad to see everybody gone. I started with LBP1 way back in 2008 and have been here since early 2009. So many good times here.

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    Hi eagerneph, it's val . I will always remember these forums fondly, we had a great community here.

    I hope you are well and easing into adult life! Surreal to come back here and see all these names I recognize but haven't talked to in years. Time is moving so fast
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    I remembered and returned to this site today after finding the LBP:Restitched trailer. I can't believe how time flies!

    I was never extremely active on the forums, but they were a great place, and really added to the experience of the LBP games. Got a lot of great memories from this place and most of the LBP games. I miss those days now and then, but I look back at them with great joy.
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