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Thread: 6. Sky is Over

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    Lightbulb 6. Sky is Over

    Hello all. Decided to bring my most recent level to the forums and would love to see what you all think.

    Name: Sky is Over
    Location: Midwest USA
    Description: A decaying city of gold high in the sky... Try not to fall off

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    Your level is frustrating.

    Sorry. I got through the second part but the third with the disappearing platforms was just incomprehensible.

    I would try again but the second part is just luck.

    It's too hard for me.
    Message me when you need feedback on your levels. I will gladly help.

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    The part with the disappearing platforms may look random, but there's actually a pattern to the ones that disappear. Also, the first, third, and sixth platforms never disappear. So long as you start out on #1, it's just about timing. Thanks for giving it a try though...

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    Okay, I just gave this a quick play through. I really liked the look of it and I think that you are extremely creative when it comes to unique platforming sequences. Unfortunately, a lot of them are a bit frustrating. I did manage to complete it though, so here are a few thoughts:

    - I really liked the visual style of the level. It was simple, but I liked the use of materials and the sun decoration. The only thing that felt a bit out of place to me were the plasma balls. I think a white plasma would fit the visual design of your level a bit better.

    - Again, I found your gameplay elements to be extremely creative, but a tad frustrating. I didn't have any problem with disappearing platforms like uzman, but I did find the segments before and after it quite tricky. Also, there were a few occasions where it appeared that they could potentially break. For example, the roller section. It took a while for the blocks to make it down to me and once I made it up, they got stuck. Eventually they dissolved, but the player may give up before then, so I'd try to iron that out and make sure they go down the rollers as intended.

    - Speaking of the roller section, I managed to fall through the level at this part and stumble upon a paintinator and a wheel that you built. I'm not sure how I made it through, but I remember it happening right before the roller section.

    - I'd also suggest tweaking the placement og your checkpoints as well. There is one in particular that you have to use twice for the same section. You go through some electric obstacles, go on top, hit a switch, and then do it again. I believe you are using the same check point here, yes? It might run out quick right there.

    - The boss was very cool, although I was a bit confused as to why a big golden ball was growling at me! :P Again, I thought the green plasma felt a little out of place here, but otherwise it looked pretty good.

    I'm usually the type of player who can get pretty frustrated at more difficult levels, but for some reason this one didn't bother me too much. However, I can see a lot of players having trouble with it, because it is very tricky. Overall, I had fun with it, but I think you could tweak a few of your more creative obstacles to make them even better while maintaining the challenge.

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    Thumbs up

    Thanks a lot for taking the time to get all the way through the level and for leaving some good feedback. I'll definitely agree that a lot of this level can be frustrating. When I was making this level, my game was at the height of erasing every save, so I sort of rushed through a lot of it.

    The green plasma was one of the results of the rush. The MGS pack had just come out and I was kind of enamored with the plasma back then. I agree that it's a little out of place, especially in green. They'll probably stay in for how easy they are to use, but I'll probably go back and change them to white or gold.

    The roller section has consistently given me a lot of problems. It used to be a situation where the wheels would just stop rolling, but I've seen that block problem pop up once in awhile. Will get around to either redesigning that room or just replacing it altogether.

    Funny that you made it through the gas. Hasn't happened to me, but stranger things have happened. Will add some extra gas to address that.

    The checkpoint you mentioned with the electric obstacles... That was intentional that you'd have to hit the obstacles twice on the same checkpoint - there's another checkpoint that drops as soon as you press the button. While the first one might run low, the electric pieces should be avoidable enough to let you make it to the second one.

    The boss growls because nobody wants to play with it

    Glad you liked the look. Do you think it might be better with a light blue sky?

    Thanks again for taking the time to make it all the way through and for leaving some great feedback.

    -Just uploaded a revised version w/ gold energy balls, a modified cloud section, and hopefully 100% working rollers.

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    Updated to fix just about every section anyone had a problem with. Plasma is mostly gold now. The first cloud section is no longer next to impossible. The roller section shouldn't glitch anymore. Also tweaked the color of the sky to accentuate the lighting.

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    I'll check it out sometime tomorrow, sounds promising

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    "Even though we can't afford, the sky is over..."

    I smell a reference to Serj Tankian. ^_~ I'll check it out tomorrow.
    Alive and ready for 3

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    well when i first played 6. sky is over, i fell in love with its great art direction. it looks stunning and coupled with a good choice of music, gives it a really grand feel. some of the platforming elements were also very innovative and creative, which i liked.
    however, the level was very difficult, bordering on unfair. some checkpoints were in awkward places and the jetpack sections were hard because you could never tell which part of the spinning turrets the plasma was coming from. but the most broken section was in the race segment, the big spinning wheel with the black platforms you had to jump on were almost impossible to do, as the platforms never kept still

    but with a few minor fixes, this level could become something very special
    im giving it with the frustrating tag

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    I've been thinking about changing the black platforms to a more conventional set of moving platforms.

    the plasma in the jetpack sections... This seems to either be the easiest or the hardest section for people. So long as you're grabbing on to any of the switches, the plasma can't touch you, so if you go around the room in a circle, it won't do anything to you...

    I've tried making the checkpoints a little friendlier before... What else would you recommend I do?

    Thanks for playing... Sorry it was so frustrating.

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